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To business owners who want to materialize their 3 years plan in 180 days, grow multifold, and still, have time to enjoy with family.

Discover How You Can Catapult Growth At 10x Speed By Installing Business Building Habits
Even if You have attended multiple training and coaching programs and yet failed to implement. Based on scientific research and advanced framework that has consistently produced profound bottom-line results in the last 5 years
Heres Just Some Of What Youll
Discover In 1-Day Seminar
The Focus Breakthrough in Business
  • How to capture the empowering habits of ridiculously successful business owners and install them in your daily routine.
  • 3 mental and emotional blocks that are sabotaging your growth and how to break them, enabling you to take the giant leap forward.
  • How to Not let Fire-fighting and daily-routine eat your day. Instead, do this and watch daily progress.
  • One MAJOR difference between a wealthy businessman and a poor businessman. Hardly anyone talks about this, and this one shift attracted more growth, profit, and freedom, for any successful business owner I have studied.
  • How to get more done in less time (why most time management tricks and tools fail in the harsh reality of life).
  • Money loves speed, says the law of attraction. How to make the law of attraction work in your favor. Practical, easy-to-implement tactics.
  • Costly common execution mistakes most business owners make. This is what separates the mediocre majority from super achievers.
  • System of power - how to reduce the grip of your most painful business problem right now so that you can focus on growth, advancement, movement, and get rid of fear, anxiety, and uncertainty.
  • System of problem subtle art of thinking about the problem (so that you become solution-focused)
  • What makes money move. There are many talented business people out there who are poor. You will literally explode your business with these simple habits.
  • Why most of those positive thinking and motivation gurus are LYING to you sure, thinking positive is important, but it'll not show up in your bank account (this is soooo important).
  • The big secret of acceleration: how to speed up the achievement of your growth goals so while everyone else settle-for and you are on the race track.
...and a whole LOT more
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Have grown my business to 3 countries instead of 1 and boosted the revenue by 85% - from Rs 8 crore (average of last 3 years) to Rs 15 crore

Amit Aggarwal MD, Agromach Engineering Pvt. Ltd

Boosted my business revenue from Rs 8 to 12 and then to Rs 15 crore, while shifting from 6 days (and often 7 days) to now 5 days of work.

Ankit Kataria MD, National Bottle House

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