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A session to untangle the thoughts and emotions in your mind. This session focuses on self-awareness through the creative movements of your body. It explores the connections between our mind and body and takes us towards a special journey of self-awareness and elevation. 

It focuses on our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual growth. It makes us aware of our emotions and helps us regulate them. Emotional intelligence has now been declared an essential component of a well-grown personality. This session is an introductory session to make you aware of your emotions and help you take charge of your life


 * Relaxation 

 *Emotional Awareness 

 *Health and wellness

Who should attend:   

*Working Professionals 

 *Home Makers  

*College Students 

 * Budding Psychologists 

 * Anyone and everyone who is interested in self-growth.

Dance and movement therapy is a goal-oriented, structured form of therapy that focuses on connecting the body and mind through psychotherapeutic use of movement and dance leading to the discovery of inner self, expression of emotions and thus better quality of life. DMT has been used for treating depression, PTSD, and various mental conditions. Other than that the DMT processes are also used as tools for various skill development. This session will be focused on developing the skill of emotional intelligence.

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