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The sweat lodge is one of the most sacred ceremonies of the Native Americans and various indigenous tribes around the world.

This ancient tradition is a healing ceremony for body, mind, heart and spirit, where we can pray for ourselves, our friends and beloved ones.

It also helps us to reconnect with Mother Earth and all her children, who are our Great Family.

The sweat lodge is a small dome-shaped hut made with natural materials.

The lodge will be heated with the help of hot stones that are blessed with the intent of healing of our loved ones.

The ceremony will be divided into four rounds; each of them dedicated to a different power, wind or spirit.

In each round, we will pray for our body, mind, heart, and soul.

During each direction, there will be songs backed by the shamanic drum that represents the heartbeat and the sacred rattle.

The Sweat Lodge is considered the womb of the Earth.

We enter it to let our individual egos die and be reborn to a new life.

It’s a sacred space where we pray for ourselves, our family, and all the beings in the world.

Date & Time: 21st December 2019 (03:00 PM – 06:30 PM)

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