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Three superheroes of comedy from Delhi team up for a night to make you laugh.
They have already spread millions of laughter from corporate to public shows in the past two years. 
This is going to be awesome show..
come with your family and friends to enjoy this evening full of laughter...
Mohit Dudeja-
Mohit Dudeja - he made people laugh at funeral.. of his own grandfather. Before entering into the comedy. Mohit has worked in 7 companies out of which 6 has been shut down.
And the 7th one caught in the fire. He likes to play a lot.. with his career.
He entertains people in Delhi NCR and Mumbai. His jokes make him stand out in a crowd.
Baldev Gautam-
Baldev Gautam is used to be a banker before he decided to become a Stand up Comic sometime in 2017. A Gentleman, he has some very funny tales to tell from his life experience. His style is full of unprecedented stories blended with wit and humour. 
He has won several college competition With his excellent timing ,he also had a advantage of having a poker face and he has a unique way of delivering the joke which makes him a unique personality.
Sundeep Sharma - he thinks everyone should not be successful... otherwise, who will become serial killer.  in his meantime he demotivate people...

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