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Main Tendue originated as a means by which members of the francophone community in Delhi could fundraise for local NGOs. It gained official status in 2015, when it became an Indian Charity trust. It is run by a francophone managing committee and is overseen by a board of trustees who are Indian nationals or long-standing residents of Delhi.

We work with NGOs that are active in Delhi, with a particular emphasis on women, children and the disabled. To this end, we organize fundraising events, seek corporate and individual sponsors, seek to raise the profile of the NGOs we support, and in some cases, provide volunteers to work directly with them

Our logo is based on a piece by the sculptor Marie Mathias, who has kindly allowed it’s use.

Each year, Main Tendue provides Daily help to 500 underprivileged people in Delhi wiht:
Fundraising activities to provide monthly support to NGOs
Volunteers on the ground

Main Tenue currently has about 30 volunteers offering a few hours of their time weekly to the NGOs we support.
They offer tuition, needle craft and computer training and arts and crafts sessions, as well as leading sports activities, organizing fundraising events, and much more.

The experience of volunteering is an enriching one, bringing volunteers into contact with an India that remains unseen by many, and offering them an opportunity to contribute in some small way to the life of this great city.

All skills are welcome – if you think you have a skill that could be useful, join us!


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