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DSLR and MobileCams are trending these days. Having replaced traditional cameras, built-in cams in mobiles have woken up a sleeping photographer in many. For want of proper understanding, photographs shot on mobiles, for that matter even with Samsung Galaxy smartphones, iPhones and other smartphone variants look quite pathetic and amateurish.

Why you should join this workshop?

  • A brilliant opportunity to begin a creative hobby with 100% practical learning 
  • If you have a DSLR (or planning to choose/buy one) and wish to familiarize yourself with the functions/controls
  • Keen to click professional level photographs using DSLRs / MobileCams and improve your technical skills
  • Limited seats facilitate Individualized attention and focused learning

Workshop Topics

Topics Covered shall include practical exercises relating to (but not limited to):

Day - 1

Decoding DSLR | Still | Mobile Cameras

  • Type of Lenses & their Effects on Screen
  • Focal Length. Use of Macro, Normal, Wide, Fish-eye, Tele & Zoom lenses
  • Sensor size, Pixels, Crop-factor and Aspect Ratio
  • Optical and Digital Zoom
  • Camera Filters
  • The significance of different Camera Angles
  • Selection of Viewpoint to heighten the drama
  • Composition - Rule of Third and Golden Section
  • Characteristics & Impact of various Dimensions of Shots

Day - 2

Fundamentals of Digital Photography

  • Exposure - Apertures, Shutter Speed & ISO
  • Exposure Triangle and Correct Exposure
  • Latitude & Dynamic Range
  • Rule of Sunny 16 & Exposure Value (EV)
  • Camera Modes - Auto (A), Manual (M), Shutter (Tv) & Aperture Priority (Av)
  • Depth of Field and Depth of Focus
  • White Balance and its Manipulation Creatively
  • How Luminance and Chrominance behave
  • How to make Dynamic Shots?

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