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We conduct regular Self-Actualized Leadership Seminars to explain about the Self-Actualized Leadership Potential of a human being and how the decision-making can be aligned with the Eternal Principles, resulting into very high results in a personal and professional life of a person. We also explain the vision of Project YugParivartan and how you can build your grand leadership space in the system.

Target Audience: This seminar is for you if you belong to any of the following classifications

- Self-Actualized Leadership seekers
- Rational Spirituality Seekers
- CEOs, Directors, and Heads of companies looking to enhance their leadership potential
- HR, L&D, and BD Professionals, exploring revolutionary methods to develop the human potential
- Individual Contributors, who wish to raise the Corporate Ladder faster than the peers

- Freelance Professionals seeking an organized and well-directed professional networking platform


1. Registration and Networking (15 minutes)

2. Role of a Leader (75 minutes)

3. Building Your Unique Leadership Space (30 minutes)

4. Q & A (30 minutes)

How to register?

You will receive a confirmation through SMS, Phone Call and an Email from our Customer Relations Officer, subject to availability of seat.

Registration Fee: Rs. 500/- 

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