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Saints N Sinners presents, as a part of its 2 Day ‘The Happy High Music Fest’ called “November Rain”, one of the happiest bands in India - the one and only- ‘When Chai Met Toast’.

On the occasion of the one year anniversary of Saints N Sinners, the team has curated a special two-day Music Festival full of decadent food, ever brimming glasses of signature drinks and the cascading music on 23rd and 24th of November 2018.

 Introducing our musicians coming in from all corners of the country to create the magic of music for you to have an unforgettable experience of life!

When Chai Met Toast:

Meet the young Kochi Band that has brought the East & The Wet Together. They describe themselves as a “band from the land of coconuts” which takes inspiration from “the lighter side of life” to create “heart-warming, happy and smile-worthy” music.

Early beginnings

When Chai Met Toast was initially a two-piece project consisting only of Achyuth and Ashwin. The duo met in 2014 at a music café in Fort Kochi when Achyuth was doing an internship. He asked Ashwin to do the vocals for some music he was recording. That’s when the two realized that they worked well as a team.

They came up with the name When Chai Met Toast which represented the coming together of Indian (chai) and Western (toast) influences in their music. “Ashwin was the chai and I was the toast,” laughs Achyuth.  

“We do have Western influence in our music, but we draw heavily from our Indian roots as well,” Achyuth says. “Our instrumentation would appear Western, but our vocal lining and structure remains Indian,” he adds. While their songs are in English, they do interject a Hindi or Tamil line at a place or two.

While the band itself is only over a year old When Chai Met Toast has gathered a loyal fan base with their pleasant, relatable music.



Band Members

Ashwin Gopakumar
Achyuth Jaigopal
Palee Francis 
Pai Sailesh

Home Town


Record Label



The newest band from the land of coconuts with infectious happy music, that transcends age, genre and even language.

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