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10th Corporate Football League

DATE: 28th OCTOBER 2018                             

Dear Patrons,

We are thankful and proud that more than 50 corporate companies have participated in our seven editions of Corporate Football league, to name a few Google, Fareporatal, XL India, Genpact, Headstrong, HCL Technologies, Tata Communication Ltd., Sitel, HDFC Bank, Accenture Services, Accenture Consulting, Alstom Power, Ienergizer, SCK Foods, Ernst & Young, Barclays, Newgen Technology, Cadence Design Systems, QA Infotech, Amarchand & Mangaldas. We look forward to the participation of the above companies and welcome new corporate companies to join us in the 9th Edition of Corporate Football League to make it a memorable one.

We invite you to take part in the 10th Corporate Football League. The 10th CFL will be a one-day event and it will be held at SAR Arena Gitorni, New Delhi.

The event which is under the management of SMASHTRESS, is aimed at providing companies and working individuals a platform to engage in a structured competition. It is also to promote the health and well being of the participants and helps promote team building by facilitating the involvement and commitment of every player towards the achievement of results.

Highlights of the League:

  1. Only for Corporate.
  2. All Referees and scores will be official.
  3. Videos and Photograph to capture the memorable moments.
  4. Refreshment and Beverages will be served.
  5. The last date for confirming is 12th February 2019.
  6. Trophies and special prizes to be distributed.
  7. Awards are-
  8. Highest Goal Scorer.
  9. Best Goalkeeper.
  10. Most Enthusiastic Player.
  11. Most Disciplined player.
  12. Most Energetic Player.
  13. Perfect Captain.
  14. Minimum 3 matches to each team.
  15. Participation Fees: Rs. 9000/-+18% GST.
  16. Payment will be taken by cheque and cash.
  17. Full entry fees refund in cash to the winning team in the upper category.

Awards and Recognition:

Cup Category Winning Team:

  • Team Trophy
  • Entry Fees Refund in Cash
  • Trophy/Medals

Cup Category Runner- up Team:

  • Team Trophy
  • Trophy/Medals

Plate Category Winning Team:

  • Team Trophy
  • Trophy/Medals

Plate Category Runner- up Team:

  • Team Trophy
  • Trophy/Medals

Most Disciplined Team:

  • Team Trophy

Most Enthusiastic Team:

  • Team Trophy

Best Attire Team:

  • Team Trophy

Best Sporting Spirit Team:

  • Team Trophy


Rules and Regulations:

General Rules:

  1. Each team may field 6 players from a maximum squad of 9.
  2. Normal rules of football apply except that there is no offside law in operation and rolling substitution are allowed on the direction of the referee when the ball is out of play.
  3. All games will be 20 minutes of duration with 10 minutes of each half followed by 2 minutes break. (10-2-10).
  4. Each team will get a minimum of three league matches and a chance to play more if they make it to the knock-out round.
  5. On winning a match 3 League points are awarded to a team, on draw 1 league points to both teams will be awarded and on losing no league points will be awarded. Match points are the number of goals scored by the team.
  6. When two or more teams finish with the same number of league points then the difference between the match points for and against will decide priority. Should this fail to find a winner then the team scoring most match points will go forward. And if this does not separate two teams then we flip a coin.
  7. Should a knock-out match be drawn at full time then an extra time of 3 minutes is given to both teams. Should this fail to find the winner then the penalty shootout will be there in which three shots we will be provided, if this also doesn't serve the purpose then the team scoring the first shoot will be the winner and if also doesn't separate the winner then we flip a coin.
  8. No extra time is given in the league match. Referee`s decision will be final for all.

 Disciplinary and Other Rules:

  1. A player should be a working individual, the company identity cards or credentials will be checked before starting of the league. A team failed to produce any team member identity card or credentials then that player will not be allowed to play.
  2. A player can only play for one team.
  3. Nobody is allowed to switch a team or add any player after the registration deadline.
  4. If any team likes to replace the player permanently, they need to put the request to SMASHTRESS.
  5. Third party employees & freelancers are also allowed to represent the organization with the director's concern only and have to intimate earlier.
  6. The team captain is entirely responsible to make sure that their players fully understand tournament rules and regulations.
  7. The team captain will be responsible for the conduct of their players. Teams and spectators shall abide by the tournament rules and regulations.
  8. SMASHTRESS and the tournament staff are not responsible for any personal items that are left behind, lost or stolen.
  9. Should any team, player(s) or coach be disqualified from CFL there will be no refunds.
  10. SMASHTRESS has the right to alter rules, bylaws and bracket structure as needed.
  11. Fighting is an attempt to strike an opponent with the arms, hands, legs, feet or a combative action by one or more players, a coach or other team personnel. Any member or team personnel who participate in a fight shall be immediately suspended from the CFL. Any unwanted practice by any team shall be held under the jurisdiction.
  12. This is a Drug and Alcohol-Free Event. No alcoholic beverages or drugs are allowed on the premises. Any coach or player(s) engaged in the use of alcohol or drugs will be disqualified from further participation in the tournament.
  13. Teams acting against the standing rules and or against the common interests of the CFL can be suspended by SMASHTRESS executives.
  14. On the ground, referees and an authorized person from SMASHTRESS will take a decision in favour of the game and it will be considered as the final decision.
  15. SMASHTRESS reserve all rights to cancel and postponed the event in any unwanted circumstances and if the event is canceled the entry fees to the teams will be returned without any interest in that case.



Team Smashtress

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