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Cross Skills is bringing a seminar for students and parents to help them prepare for this exam season. Conducted by experts, this seminar will help students and parents better prepare for exams. Our seminar will revolve around five topics:

1. Memory Optimization: While you cannot drastically boost your memory, but with some little hacks and tricks you will get better at memorising things. You will be able to develop better retention power and would remember most of the stuff you read.

2. Focus/ Concentration enhancement: A crucial skill that is not possessed by all is the ability to focus. Your efficiency is directly related to how much focused you are. Our expert speakers will help you understand the dynamics of concentration and techniques to optimize it.

3. Brain Health: How can you keep your brain healthy and young? We can take care of our physical health with the help of exercises, but our brain also needs to exercise. But how can you exercise your brain? How to make it process data faster? All these questions and more will be asked in our seminar.

4. Stress Management: Exams are synonymous to stress for students. In many cases, stress can become a barrier in your path to reaching your full potential. Additionally, it can affect your emotional health. Our experts will give quick tips on managing any kind of stress in life.

5. Power Parenting: Being a parent is a tough job, and the exams only make it tougher. Parents may also suffer from anxiety, stress, and irritation. The seminar will sensitize the parents about what kind of a parent they should become during the exam season.

Our speakers are experts with years of experience. You should reserve a seat now.

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