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 In this seminar, you will know about your DNA and
also, get the following : 

Activate your DNA to be receptive to changes.

Energize the Metabolism: Intestinal, Skeletal, Nervous

Vitalize blood cells & lymph: initiating the cleansing process

Remove blocks from the body & mind towards healing

Vitalize the interstitial space clearing trapped energies

Removing toxins and moving it to the lymphatic system

Activate the Chakras & guide how to keep them active and unblocked

Activate and balance brain hemispheres to initiate a balance of chemicals and hormones

Suggest the vulnerable facets that require medical attention

Fee: Rs. 3900/-

Early Bird Fee: Rs. 2700/- (Till 15th Mar 2019)

Time : 02:00pm to 05:00pm 

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