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We are experts in Hatha, Yin & Vinyasa styles of Yoga. We at Sandarshita Yoga focuses on Making people aware of the right way of practicing yoga for the upliftment of their physical, mental, emotional & spiritual well being. 
Advantages of practicing with us-
1. Heightened Energy Levels
2. Focused Mind
3. Positivity in the environment 
4. More Peace &  Stress release
5. More productivity
6. Increase in Emotional Intelligence
7. More Creativity
8. Improves Leadership qualities
9. More mature approach in dealing with conflicts
10. Health improvement at all levels physical, mental, emotional & spiritual.
We offer flexible customized packages for corporates, based upon their needs without compromising on the true essence of yoga.
We Offer in depth understanding & practice of yoga which includes following-
What is yoga?  How it increases our energy levels , positivity, overall health & well being?
Four sources of energy- How to tap these sources for maximum benefits?
Five points of yoga- Proper Relaxation, Proper Breathing, Proper Excercise, Proper Diet, Positive Thinking & Meditation.
Right way of breathing- Abdominal and Yogic Breathing.
Pranayamas or breath regulation - Kapal Bhati , Anulom Vilom & Bhramari
Surya Namaskars- complete excercises for building strength, flexibility, focus & weight loss.
Core building excercises- Tummy tuck, strong abdomen, strong back, straight spine and full toning of body.
Asanas- 12 Basic Asanas & many more beginners to intermediate variations.
Deep relaxation or yoga nidra

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