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 *About the Seminar:*
We conduct regular SALN Seminars to explain and assess the Self-Actualized Leadership Potential of a human being and how the decision-making can be aligned with the Eternal Principles, resulting into very high results in personal and professional life of a person. We also explain the vision of Project YugParivartan and how you can build your grand leadership space in this revolutionary system.

*Target Audience:*

· Self-Actualized Leadership seekers.

· Rational Spirituality Seekers.

· CEOs, Directors and Heads of companies looking to enhance their leadership potential.

· HR, L&D and BD Professionals, exploring revolutionary methods to develop the human potential.

· Freelance Professionals seeking an organized and well-directed professional networking platform.

· Individual Contributors, who wish to rise the Corporate Ladder faster than the peers.

You will also get lifetime membership to following professional networks based on eligibility and screening to aid you towards the path of Self Actualization

*Defined Values Trainers Network (DVTN)*

*Defined Values Business Network (DVBN)*

*Self-Actualized Leadership Network (SALN)*

*Self-Realized Mentorship Network (SRMN)*

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