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The authority of small objects is hosting a workshop re-explorations: site to paper by architect and artist Arjun Sara.

This two-part workshop, starting at the Qutub complex and concluding at the gallery, will look at alternative perspectives on architecture through photography and imagine new forms through collages with these photographs.

The workshop begins at 8 am on 11 May at the Qutub complex.


Please bring your own digital photography devices (mobile phones or cameras) along with relevant cables to help transfer the images to a computer.

About Arjun Sara
Arjun Sara is an artist and an architect experimenting with both art & architecture. He completed his bachelors in architecture from Vastu Kala Academy, New Delhi in 2015, further mastered his knowledge with a pg certificate course from dia Dessau, Germany in 2016.

He is someone who craves order, admires the simplicity and seeks harmony between work and life. He has been recording spaces, buildings, objects & people extensively during the course of his education & travel. From 2016 to 2018 he worked on various residential and institutional projects with vir Mueller architects Delhi, and in 2019 started his own journey of interweaving art & architecture.

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