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There is a single source for your stress, anxiety, and self-doubt. It is called the Reactive Mind. It's where your nightmares, unreasonable fears, upsets, and any insecurity come from. Get rid of it. And you can start doing that at the two-day Hubbard Dianetics Seminar, held weekends:

- You will meet people like yourself-those who are ready to tackle what is holding them back in life and learn how to apply the techniques of Dianetics.

- With lots of demonstrations and a film detailing every aspect of Dianetics theory and procedure, you will know exactly how it's done.

- You will have the assistance of trained Dianetics specialists every step of the way.

Depression, Anxiety, Stress, and worry are real concerns when we consider mental health. What causes the overwhelming sadness, insomnia, the frightening panic attacks, the lack of energy, the mental fatigue, and nervousness experienced by so many people.

Even a temporary state of stress can affect our ability to reason and result in actions or decisions that have disastrous long-term results.

What is it that is holding you back and stops you from being YOU?

Quality of life depends so much on mental health. People desire happiness but authentic happiness is often short-lived. Sometimes only a dim memory from childhood. Children are known for their ability to find joy in the simplest of things. What is it that affects a person's ability to experience true happiness?

The Circumstances are the same, but the person no longer responds with positive emotions. Instead, he or she may have persistent gnawing anger, fear or sadness that depresses the consciousness and brings the person to reliance on pills or alcohol.

The change may be gradual, occurring slowly over many years or it can be sudden, triggered by traumatic stress such as the death of a loved one or a broken heart.

The answer to these problems has been searched for thousands of years but the problem appears to get worse, with the rates of depression and suicide climbing alarmingly. Very few lives remain unaffected either directly or indirectly by these modern scourges.

Could it be that the modern "treatments" and "solutions" to these problems are actually making things worse? That could only occur if the people developing and using these "treatments" did not know the true underlying reason for these problems.

This seminar is based on Dianetics, The Modern Science of Mental Health by L. Ron Hubbard

We will discuss the underlying reason for depression, anxiety, fear, nervousness, unhappiness, phobias and many other unwanted emotions and reactions as revealed and are fully explained in L. Ron Hubbard's book Dianetics.

Life can become fun again, just like it was when you were a child.

Hard to Believe? Well don't believe - find out for yourself and then you will KNOW.

You have the opportunity to have all your questions answered.

Nothing in Dianetics has to be true for you unless you have observed it and it is true according to your own observation.

The Dianetics Seminar includes:

Hubbard Dianetics Seminar Portfolio
Dianetics Procedure
Live sessions
Over three hours of film demonstration
One-on-one instruction and guidance from a trained Dianetics specialist
How to use Dianetics film guide
A certificate of completion
Meals served throughout the weekend

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