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What is the need to go back to the past?

The truth is that most of us still carry past repressions, lack of self confidence and various forms of emotional suffering and body pain.

The strategies we developed in childhood to cope with family demands and prohibitions still run our lives, often with damaging consequences.

For example, we are unable to live fully our potential in the present moment because our insecurities and fear keeps pulling us back, as we have not healed our past.

As a result:

  • We don’t feel comfortable with ourselves
  • We cannot create healthy intimate relationships
  • We are insecure with authority
  • We cannot be fully free and creative
  • Some damaged child may develop a chronic disease or eye/vision deficiency
  • These are just few symptoms we may carry thorough adult life

Osho created many meditations where we can liberate ourselves from past conditioning.

What will we do in this workshop?

In this two day workshop, we bring clarity to our dysfunctional behaviors and patterns.

We see how it originated and its causes.

Then we open the wounds, bring into present awareness by consciously feeling it, which gradually dissolves the pain.

We focus into becoming conscious in all the “beliefs” and “shoulds” imprinted by parental voices.

An essential aim of workshop is to help the participants to see clear connection with the damaging effects of these imprints, and help to get dis-identified from them.

We are repeating patterns which no longer serve us.

During this workshop we will have a chance to stop this vicious cycle.


Date: 9th – 10th November 2019

Timings:  09:30 AM- 05:30 PM

Lunch:    01:00 PM Onwards

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