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The Third eye or the Agya Chakra, also known as Shiv-Netra is located between the eyebrows.

It is the source of all intuitive wisdom and is a bridge to the Divine.
Normally, When anger comes, we become anger, When fear comes, we become fear, We can’t distance ourselves from our emotions and we repent later on.

When our third eye activates, we can see a distance between our- thoughts and our-self; Just like a person sitting by the window, seeing people passing by, unattached…at a distance.

When we realize that we are not our emotions, it brings a height of awareness in us, which goes beyond happiness and sadness. Then, we are in the state of ecstasy.

We will start the meditation with healing catharsis, laughter, movement, Gurdjieff Awareness exercises, breath-work, shaking, gibberish and silence.

We will also be using a strobe light to activate the third eye.

The sound healer will use didgeridoo to bring us deeper into the state of meditativeness.

Let’s tap into the infinite potential of this portal that connects us to the other world: Divinity

Wear loose and comfortable clothes
All Sessions are in English

Date: 30th December 2019 (7:45 PM – 11:00 PM)
Dinner: 7:00 PM Onwards

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