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One Tree Hill is a rare trek that is so close to the city, yet untouched and serene. The trail is easy and can be attempted by trekkers of all age groups, during any season. Each season brings in a different flavour and a vivid experience The trail to One tree hill from Ambewadi is also called the Shivaji ladder route. Midway through the trail near the end of the thick forest, you come across a mass of boulders and rocks into which the trail disappears. This is known as Shivaji Steps or the Shivaji Ladder. According to local legend, Shivaji rode up this route on horseback. From here, it’s 500m to the top, up a stream bed that’s dry except during the monsoon.


8.00 am: Meeting point at Karjat station and start journey towards Boregaon by private vehicle.

9.15 am: Reach base village, Breakfast and round of introduction.

1.00 pm: Reach top of one tree hill, explore and lunch.

2.00 pm: Return journey.

5.00 pm: Karjat station

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