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The Moon Girl Festival is celebrated in the village of Vedasandur in the Dindigul district.

The Moon Girl Festival revered as “Penn Nilavu Thiruvizha” is celebrated in a belief by the villagers to welcome good amount of rainfall and harvest in the district.

The chief priests choose an auspicious "Pournami" (full moon day) during the Tamil month of Thai (between January and February) each year to honour this special celebration.

A list of names of girls between the ages of 10 and 15 is compiled on the night of this event. On the day before the celebration, the priest selects a girl with randomized method. This girl is honoured to be the “Devi”(Goddess) in the celebration.
During this festival, the girl is adorned with silk sarees and aromatic flower garlands. The “Penn Nila” is offered with milk, sweets, flowers and glass bangles.

The devotees believe that, if the “Devi” is well-treated during this festival, it brings them the hope to a good harvest and rainfall in the upcoming year.

During this festival, tribal devotees perform a unique tribal dance and celebrate the “Devi” by chanting and singing songs.

A significant number of foreign tourists also visit this village to witness this unique festival. Apart from this, a large number of devotees from nearby villages and districts gather at the temple to commemorate the celebration.

1. Tribal dance
2. Offering glass bangles, silk saree and sweets to the “Devi”
3. Celebrating the Moon girl as “Goddess

The nearest airport is Madurai International Airport, which is 60 KMs away.
The nearest convenient railway station is Dindigul, which is 65 KMs away.

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