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What is it about conversations over coffee?

The key to making meaningful connections abroad and feeling a sense of belonging…

…and what better way than over a good cup of coffee (or any beverage to your taste!) with a community of women from all over the world!

So, what is it about conversations over coffee?

So much happens over a cup of coffee; life happens! Stories are exchanged, friendships are made, dreams and smiles are shared. It creates connection.

Whether you’re a new expat or a seasoned one, we all need support. Our focus is on building genuine connections through various meet-ups, events and workshops to enrich our lives.

You never know who you will meet! Join our dynamic international community to connect with like-minded women, discuss all aspects of our expat life, enjoy unique experiences, explore new hobbies, learn new things or take part in our bookclub!

Coffee with an Expat is a Women-only Expat Community

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