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We're Selah and Lloyd, a father-daughter team. Starting in Delhi, we're taking the long route to Kathmandu by road, rail, and river going to the wildest places, craziest festivals, tallest mountains, holiest pilgrimage sites, and busiest cities we could find.

We want to bring you on a journey that's focused on engaging with the world, sharing kindness, and pushing our limits, Our experiences have been enriching and diverse so far, but now we'll travel outside of America on the Indian subcontinent. For months we learned Hindi and prepared by reading tales about India.

Lloyd and Selah are co-creators of Love the World and a father-daughter adventure team. We want to share our adventures, crafts, fun, generosity, and love with you. We like to fossil hunt, travel with purpose, and connect with people and wild animals all while giggling, learning about science and the world around us, and giving back.

You are why we are posting, so we'd love to hear from you in the comments. Any appropriate comments are great, whether for suggestions, to cheer us on, or just connect to be friendly. If you like what we share, please consider subscribing so you can keep up with us and also help us grow our channel. In that way, we can be co-creators and viewers.

We both need each other. Thank you.

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