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At Vagabond, we have always been about exploring places that are largely untouched by the average tourist. Places that leave the traveller awestruck, that transport you to a different world with stories and experiences unseen and unheard of. This fascination for uncharted adventures has often led us to the most tranquil of places.  But, none can compare to what we discovered on one such expedition to Arunachal Pradesh, the valley of the sun.

The north-east regions of India have always been a subject of mystery and curiosity for backpackers and rightfully so. Because, man! It’s a whole different ball game. It’s the most underrated backpacking haven that's slowly climbing the list of travellers around the world. 

A land of unmatched beauty and full of surprises; Arunachal is perfect for those looking to go beyond the usual. For those willing to get out of their comfort zones and going where no one has ever gone. It is just the place for such an adventure.  Untamed, wild and still far from the eyes of noisy tourists and the wrath of commercial travel Arunachal waits for those who are really looking for a one-of-a-kind adventure. As one of the coffee table books on Arunachal that we had a chance to read while we were visiting says "Time is your slave here" and it truly is. Relaxed, laid back and slow is the way to go here. You might feel like hours have gone by after just 20 minutes of walking in the village or just sipping tea and eating  momos in the middle of nowhere. Looking at your watch will only make you feel happier about the time which moves so slow in this mysterious land. Come experience this with us. Let us take you to the place where the sun is always rising and your spirits with it. Let’s BACK-PACK-GO!

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