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Rishikesh ( Rishi means monk and kesh means dreadlocks ) is a small valley that lies in heart of Uttarakhand, makes a perfect destination for be it you are adventure enthusiast or just want to sit by the bank of river ganga . The peaceful environment attracts the yogis from all over the world making rishikesh a yoga capital if the world . 
 Experience Rishikesh with Outdoormonks 
 Rafting for adrenaline junkies 
Pay your tribute to famous pop genius of time the Beatles 
Hike up to top of a hill 
Take a dip in river ganga 

Day 1 : Reach rishikesh by morning , explore rishikesh visit to Beatles ashram drive up to beasi 
Day 2: hike from beasi to sunset point and back to camp 
Day 3: Beasi to Shivpuri River rafting drive from Shivpuri to Rishikesh 

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