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Want to know what is a common secret of most of the children & adolescents these days??? It may be of YOU too, just that, you didn't realize!!!

As a parent, you may be worried & as a student you would like to know, how your SECRET is OUT?

We are living in the Age of Social Media but still we are alone. We may have many friends on FB but in reality no-one! We are conscious all the time & secretively hiding our true self!

Come & explore a common secret of all the children & adolescent these days. 

The generation focusing on proving themselves better in all the aspects!  The generation conscious about their self-image! The generation of several insecurities!

What to expect from this session?

  • What is this secret?
  • Why we need to talk about it?
  • Breaking perception of its beneficial effects as compared to negative impact on life?
  • How is the secret linked between parents and children?
  • Why getting rid of this secret is essential for a successful life?
  • A few tips to overcome it!

 It is a must attend session for all the parents, children & adolescents! Do not miss it!

Duration: 2 hrs

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