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BATIK is the art form of decorating cloth using wax and dye. Batik is similar to tie and dye, in which instead of tying cloth in knots/patterns, we use hot paraffin/bees wax to create different patterns on the cloth. The applied wax resists dyes and therefore allows the artisan to color the cloth selectively.  
A tradition of Batik is found in various countries including countries of Indian peninsula, south east Asia and Africa.
This workshop, Batik 101, is divided into 3 parts. You'll learn the following:
 Part 1: 
  • How to use brushes to create different patterns on TOTE BAG
  • How to use Batik -Blocks to make an Indian Batik STOLE  (Please note, one product will be finished in the workshop and other will be given in the take away kit)
  • How to use an original "tjanting" pen to put your signature on your masterpiece.
Part 2:
  • How to prepare salt baths for Dyeing.
  • How to do even Dyeing (one or two colors).
Part 3:
  • How is the wax removed from the cloth. We'll share 2 different techniques of de-waxing the cloth.

 What to bring: We’ll provide all the material required.

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