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 Let's Network, Learn & Grow!
#BreakingBarriers is a resource and inspiration hub for ambitious women.

Over 2000 women have come to #BreakingBarriers in the last 3 years and made valuable contacts, been inspired to start or accelerate a business, find opportunities and generate more sales for themselves.

As one attendee called it, it is "a symbiotic relationship where everyone grows with each other."

Join us at the 6th edition of #BreakingBarriers by Women's Web.

#BreakingBarriers has been a significant launchpad for many women entrepreneurs, professionals and women looking to connect and make impactful networks.

This year's theme is Innovating as Women in Business.

Women often don't have a straight ride upwards - we make our own way against the odds. What keeps us going is Innovation - whether in our businesses, in jobs, or in our own lives, to make things happen - differently.

At Breaking Barriers this year, we will come together to hear from insightful speakers on "how" they innovate, and how we can too. We'll also talk about how as busy women, we can make space for creativity in our own lives and work. http://www.breakingbarriers.co/register

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