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For kids ( age 5+ ) this will be an introduction to theatre concepts, terminology, and experience. It will explore ways to use theatre as an enhancement of children's development, education, expression, and recreation.  This is a 5 to 6 days intensive programme for kids where the workshop would be built around a specific topic like the history of India, endangered species of the world, compassion towards trees, poet and poetries of India.  The approach to study these topics would be theatrical where kids would get an opportunity to use movement, vocal exercises, improvisation, scriptwriting and scripted material to increase knowledge of and comfort within themselves.

Everything trained by us is international standard practices and things that we follow in our work every day. We take kids very seriously because we believe Art makes you a good human being and if kids get exposed to Art at the right time in the correct way they would make this world absolutely beautiful to live in.
Course Outline:
  • Creative Dramatics, Theatre Games, Vocal exercise, Movements, Visual and Performing art standard.
  • Creative stories, transforming stories into scenes and building characters.
  • Topic research, storytelling, and rehearsals.
  • Video and music-based games.
  • Daily assignments and practice.
** The detailed course outline of each day would be shared with the registered kids.
** If you have financial challenges but still want to learn, don't hesitate .... if you are sincere, we are not after your money, talk to us. We can take a maximum of 10 students for this class. 
Any help for students with disabilities?
If you have a disability and require assistance during the training we are open to involving the parents to participate to help the student. But keep in mind the ideas and creativity should be from the student not from the parent.
Who is the instructor?
This course is designed by Sarbajeet Das, who is the founding artistic director of Theatre On Your Own. Sarbajeet has 9 years of work experience in IT and retired as a project lead from Oracle. Since 2016 he is a full time working professionally in the field of performing arts. He has 15 years of stage experience which also involves 2.5 years of international theatre. He has worked for good production houses in Bengaluru, Pune, Pondicherry, Odisha and the USA. He is trained as an actor by Mr. Ratan Thakore Grant, Veenapani Chaawala at Adishakti. Been involved in many playwriting, screenplay writing programmes. Trained in Stanford Meisner technique in the USA. He has real time work experience in Broadway plays, musicals and has also directed 2 plays in Richmond, Virginia during his tenure. He has traveled around and facilitated theatre education in  Washington DC, Richmond, North Carolina for kids and adults with the productions houses he worked with.  Sarbajeet has done around 200 shows globally as an actor and around 150 shows as a director. Plays directed by him are still running in Bengaluru. We hope you would make an effort to see his plays and provide feedback.

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