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Fear is state whereby you feel frightened or afraid, regardless of whether you should be afraid or not. Note the key word here is regardless. Which means even its possible to feel fear even when you rightfully shouldnt be scared.

Believe it or not! 
99% of the fear people experience today is non-physical fear that only exists in our head. We think were in danger but we really arent. 

Everyone has experienced it at some point in their lives. Worrying about the outcome of this and that, being paralyzed over the fear that the decision they are about to make may not be the right one. We hesitate. We think. We analyze. We freeze. Fear and Hesitation can be good at times, as it allows us to take a moment to think about what we are doing and process it; however, often it lingers on for too long and leaves us stuck in our path


Topics to be covered in workshop

Introduction of The Subconscious Mind
How the Subconscious Mind Works
Understanding Emotions & their Impact on our lives
Conditioning the Subconscious Mind
The Subconscious Mind and Fear
Icebreaker - Fear in a Hat!
Fear Defined
Fear and The Brain - How it works?
What really causes Fear?
The Other Side of Fear - Creative Visualization
How do you overcome Fear - NLP tools and strategies 
Flight or Fight Mode Selection
Fear Redefined!

Tools and techniques include subconscious re-programming techniques, conscious exercises, meditations, creative visualizations, techniques and strategies designed to rid your live of fear and anxiety, and empower you to make the changes necessary for you to live the joyous life you are meant to live!

Anybody who is willing to experience life with a whole new perspective,
Working Professionals, 
Trainers & Subject Matter Experts 

Date: May 20, 2018
Time: 5PM - 8PM 
Venue: The Hosteller Saket, New Delhi

Maximum seats: 20 participants 
Early Bird Discounts on Registrations before May 14, 2018

Show up for the workshop. Set Yourself Free!

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