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To know why a man and a woman are in conflict is to know why the world is in conflict.
~ Acharya Prashant

There cannot be conflicts without identifications; there is no identification without desire, and no desire can be born without a sense of incompleteness.

We feel incomplete; we expect; we get hurt; we mourn; we suffer! And this is an endless story.

Towards Light, an initiative by PrashantAdvait Foundation strives to put an end to this Unending Story of our Suffering. It wishes to rid you off all your fears and anxieties, your depression, conflicts, suicidal thoughts, and so on. Today when the material is ruling the mind, has mental health taken a back seat? Depressed and demotivated, anxious and afraid, each one is found busy doing stuff . . . What is the way out? Is there any?


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