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Hello All Adventure Lovers,

Come Join us in the Adventure and Photography Tour in the country of Armenia (East Europe) from 4th July to 10th July 2018.

Facts About Armenia:

  • One of the most ancient countries of the world. 
  • The First country to adopt Christianity in 301AD. Its history as a nation began more than 7000 years ago.
  •  Founded in 782 BC (before Christ), as the capital of the bronze-age Urartian kingdom, Yerevan is older than Rome.
  •  Yerevan is also known as SILICON VALLEY of the East and BERLIN of eastern Europe.
  •  Biblical Mount Ararat - Noah's Ark after the Great Flood, mentioned in Bible.
  •  The first church in the world was built in Armenia(Holy Etchimiadzin).
  •  Wings of Tatev is the longest reversible cableway in the world(5752 m), recorded in the Guinness World Records.
  •  Worlds Longest Zip-Line is in Armenia.
  •  Armenian Music and Dance is world famous for their unique style and traditional ways.
  •  The Best Symphonies of the world consists of many Armenian Musicians and Orchestra Conductors .
  •  Armenia is a CHESS Superpower in the whole world (Chess is a compulsory subject in schools).
  •  Nestled in the Caucasus mountains, between the Black Sea & Caspian Sea.
  •  Fascinating landscapes, snow-capped mountains, lush forests, fast flowing river canyons, dramatic gorges,  world's oldest churches, prehistoric monasteries and fortresses.
  •  Armenian hospitality, the unique national cuisine, amazing beverages, the rich culture and history as well as the old traditions and customs.
  •  Most ancient and captivating East European country, brimming with UNESCO World Heritage sites.
  •  The worlds first textbook of arithmetic problems was created by an Armenian mathematician.
  • Armenia is one of the only mono ethnic countries in the world(97% of the people living in Armenia are Armenians and the remaining small percentage is made up of different ethnic minorities).
  • Armenian bread LAVASH is in the list of UNESCO world Heritage.

 Its a 7 Days and 6 Nights adventure and photography tour in Armenia. The Package cost if as Low as USD 750 (Discounts available for Bulk Bookings).

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