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Vayam Performing Arts Society pays a tribute to the unfathomable contribution of Gulzar Sahab to the Indian Literature by its new Musical Stage Theatre Production  Raavi Paar. It is said that wounds heal but scars dont! The scars of partition were so deep that they are still fresh in the hearts of people across the border. The play carries the pangs of partition.

The play showcases the story of Darshan Singh, one amongst many stuck in the flood of people across the borders in 1947 and begins with the question that, Why Darshan Singh didnt go mad? His father died at home, his mother got lost in the ruins of the Gurudwara and Shahni his wife gave birth to twins, two sons. He wasnt sure if he should laugh or cry. Fate had made a strange bargain with him given with one hand and taken away from the other

The play takes us back in time and tries to closely witness the ruins of partition and the pain of migration. Somewhere the play asks the painful question from the depth of time, Were those only things that people left on the other side of the fence? Or was there something else too? Something that they missed for rest of their life?

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