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 Maharashtra State Level Open Rating Chess Tournament Calender 2018 + Free 15 min Training by FIDE rated players with rating 2000+

Anybody with a basic knowledge of chess can participate

Digital certificate with players photo & medal/trophy to every participant 

Super Grandmaster World Cup 2018: World's Best Chess Player Contest

Help us promote game of chess by sponsoring our tournament at Rs.5000 or by sponsoring individual cash prize or trophy in ur name. We will advertise ur company name in our website, fb page, event portals, trophy, emails, whatsapp, sms alerts to chess players & banner in tournament hall
Tournament rules & regulationsOpen Rating Round robin Chess Tournament (Anybody can participate: No restriction)

Elo Rating, Digital Photo Certificate & Medal/Trophy to all participants: We respect & reward ur time & efforts

Big Trophy to winners in 7 age group categories: Under 2nd standard, 4th, 6th, 8th, 12th, veterans & open 

Entry Fees:

Knockout: Rs.200 If u lose 1 game, u cant play tournament further

Bullet 1 minute per player tournament with 7 + games per player irrespective of loss: Rs.400 (Punctual discount fee Rs.300 if paid 7 days in advance)

Last day Inconvenience fee: Rs.500

1st Prize Open: Rs.1000

Blitz 5 min: Rs.800 (Rs.600 if paid 7 days in advance)

Last day fee: Rs.1000

1st Prize Open: Rs.2000

Rapid 10 min: Rs.1500 (Rs.1000 if paid 7 days in advance)

Last day fee: Rs.2000

1st Prize Open: Rs.4000

Standard 1 hr: Rs.5000 (Rs.4000 if paid 7 days in advance)

Last day fee: Rs.8000

1st Prize Open: Rs.15000

Classical 2 hr: Rs.10000 (Rs.8000 if paid 7 days in advance)

Last day fee: Rs.15000

1st Prize Open: Rs.30000

Spectator Ticket: Rs.100

Fee Non refundable

Limited Entries

Free 15 min training session by players above FIDE rating 2000 like Saurabh Barve, Pratik Vaidya, Piyush Hariya, Sagar Kolhe, etc

Let's celebrate victory of players over All India Chess Federation (AICF) in supreme court with verdict that no sports association governs any sport as per Competition Act (monopoly act 2002) & everybody is free to organise or play any tournament anywhere in India without giving a damn to any association

Tournament ends within 2 hours

Fast non stop games. On time start & end of tournament

2 on 1 free for females: All females can register & get 1 free entry for ur female friend

Play Chess, Learn to think

Master ur own game invented in India

Learn rational & logical thinking by playing chess

Let's finish the slave mentality & learn to live with self pride

Dedicated to S.L.Harsh, Kuldeep Sharma, karan Duggal, etc & their team for defeating All India Chess Federation (AICF) in the Competition Commission of India (CCI) which has ordered that AICF has no right to ban any chess player & ended monopoly of AICF in chess 

Not a knockout event: 
All players can play all games even after losing    

Fast rounds, immediate next game after ur previous round finishes. No waiting        

Prizes may b cancelled & groups may b merged bcoz of less participants  
Categories: Upto 2nd standard, 5th std , 8th  12th , Veteran , Open (Adults / Parents)           

Agreed Draw prohibited
Participant must take a written oath that he wont support politics in chess or any sport & will never participate in any association tournament where organiser forcibly pays some extortion money to association like percentage of its revenue to avoid getting banned

Affiliated & recognised by World's most active organisation Barve's Chess Promoters Group www.barvechess.in - Creating Chess Awareness which has organised about 100 chess tournaments in last 10 years

CPM rules apply

Pls. bring ur own chess sets & download chess timer from playstore on ur mobile to avoid inconvenience in case of too many entries

For outstation players, AC Accomodation with TV at Rs.1500 per room (3 adults)/ Mumbai Darshan at Rs.1000   

Printed certificate of A4 size with ur photo & elo rating with home delivery by courier: Rs.100 extra. Save paper, save trees

2 inch Medal home delivery: Rs..150

5 inch customised chess design Trophy with delivery: Rs.200

8 inch chess trophy:500

12 inch: 700

Bring 3 participants & get a free entry for urself

If u bring 10 friends, ur whole entry fee will b waived off & we will also pay u one persons entry fee as a reward for ur efforts & help    

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