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Love conversation?
And trees?
Ever wondered what's happening with your children's generation?
What are the struggles they are going through?
What are your stories from your own childhood?
How will they relate to what's going on?
Come, let's begin to bridge the generation gap with effective communication!
"Participants struggle to look past physical appearance cues even when they know information contrary to their initial judgment." (Olivola, Christopher Y.; Todorov, Alexander.)
We're simply going to let the participants go beyond the physical judgement stage to discover the person behind the blindfold.
This will be a facilitated event where the participants will be able to explore the other person, as simply, a person and to open perspectives to them.
Where to come?
Adarsha Farm, North, Dasanapura, Kuduregere Main Road, Bengaluru, Karnataka 562161
What do you bring?
Bring your own blindfolds
Do carry a stole, a hanky or a dupatta that can be used.
We will also provide a few.
How much is it?
200/- for adults
150/- kids
the cost of 2 dosas and 2 filter kaapis at a darshini
On Spot Registrations Available
What do you wear?
Comfortable shoes and clothes that let you move around.
You can't put a bunch of noisy people in the same space and expect it to be quiet!
Any criteria?
Kids - between 8-12 years of age.
MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY ATLEAST ONE ADULT (who will attend the event)
MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY ATLEAST ONE KID between 8-12 years (who will attend the event)
Janet Orlene
Experiential Learning Facilitator, Spoken Word Poet, Chocoholic.
She's here to help you explore yourself, the minds and hearts of the participants around you.

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