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A day before Muharram, we are delighted to announce that we, Niyogi books are launching our new title Ocean of Melancholy. A translation of Bishad Sindhu, the great work by Mir Mosharraf Hossain by an exceptional writer Alo Shome.

We believe that this book is quite relevant given the upcoming rise of inhumanity among the masses. Also that the day of the battle of Karbala is now observed as Muharram, which is on 21st September, 2018 is celebrated  in the memory of the martyrdom of Prophet Muhammad’s grandsons Hassan and Hussein, who were exterminated by their bitter enemy Yazid, the son of the king of Damascus, for his desire for Zainab—Hassan’s beautiful wife—and his greed for the throne of Medina. The text, being dramatic, is performed regularly during the month of Muharram every year in many parts of Bangladesh, accompanied by music and dance.

The novel provides us with insights into different characters, the pains and anguish of human life, jealousy and hatred of humans and at the same time provides a historical background to the clash that ensued over a throne.

The event will observe a comprehensive dialogue concerning the book by our estimable speakers;

Gauhar Raza- A Indian scientist, Urdu poet and documentary filmmaker, working towards popularizing the understanding of science among general public.

 Prof Jayanti Chattopadhyay- Former professor and Head, Department of Modern Indian Language and Literature, Delhi University.

 Satish Jacob- Deputy Bureau Chief of the BBC in Delhi. He has worked in Ethiopia for eight years, and joined the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) as Mark Tully's assistant in 1978. He has covered the Biafra War, the Middle East War, the collapse of the Janata government and, with Mark Tully, Mrs Gandhi's assassination and the Bhopal gas leak disaster


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