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Kangaroo Kids Club was created to facilitate ‘action based learning’ in a fun filled environment. Traditionally toddlers would explore their surroundings and environment in safe and varied ways. However in an increasingly chaotic world, this freedom to explore is being suppressed. Today toddlers spend significantly less time ‘on the floor’ than they ever used to. This leads to developmental delays and possible future learning and social problems in many children.

The sessions at Kangaroo Kids Club are specially designed to address these issues and provide multi-sensory stimulation in controlled and safe environments. Each session is carefully designed to allow individual toddlers to achieve their maximum potential.

Brain research shows that 50% of a child’s capacity to learn is developed in the first four years. The neural pathways, on which all future learning is based, develop in these crucial early years. Kangaroo Kids Club along with Kangaroo Kids Preschool aims to give your child a head start by making the most of his/her initial years.

Kangaroo Kids is among the first in India to offer a Mother-Toddler interactive programme.

Address: 301 Mamta House, 231 S V Road, Bandra (W), Mumbai - 400 050.

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