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Everybody shoots pictures during the day; it gets dark and they stop, or they turn on their flash units. "And when you're taking pictures that most people don't take, your photos might be a bit more interesting, dramatic, even mysterious attention-getting images."

"Night photography is not a question of getting a picture in low light, In night photography you're trying to do something special."

Lets Join Creative Lights's Photographers as They describes the tools, creative options, and special considerations involved in shooting with a DSLR camera at night or in low-light conditions. Pick up a camera at night and because you can do long exposures, you'll see the world in a way you never see it other than in pictures."

#WORKSHOP# #INCLUDE# : In Workshop, Participents will Learn/Understanding
-- Preparing for a low-light shoot
-- How to get great shots in less than ideal lighting situations
-- How to make the most of your equipment and how to assess and approach difficult lighting situations
-- How low light affects exposure, shutter speed, color temperature
-- Focusing in low light
-- Manipulating long shutter speeds
-- Learn Light Painting, Light Trailing & Zoom Brust Techniques

-- A DSLR Camera of any make .
-- Tripod is mandatory for attending this workshop.
-- Zoom Lens 18-55 mm (Kit Lens) with Minimum Aperture f/16

-- Take this workshop, if you want to learn a new skill
-- Take this workshop, if you want to revive a 100 year art
-- Take this workshop, if you want to improve and maximise your photography skills
-- This workshop, is about learning the 'rules' and then breaking them!
-- Don't take this workshop, if you like boredom and rules.

Workshop Fees : 1000 INR

#Option : 2 UPI Transfer

#Option : 3 NEFT/IMPS Transfer at below given account details.
Bank Name : RBL - Ratnakar Bank
Account Name : Neeta Dhakad
Account : 1009310010000771
IFSC Code : RATN0000093
Branch : Airoli, Navi Mumbai
Please send payment confirmation on photoes@creativelights.in with your contact details.

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All cancellations before 15 days of the event date - 50% refund
All cancellations within 15 days of the event date - No refund possible
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