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Workshop Curriculum :
This workshop will provide a different perspective to Marketing ROI by answering some of these questions:
1. What Marketers can learn from certain NBA Basketball Players
2. How do Goldfish differ from Humans & trends in today’s consumer behaviour
3. Marketing-why does over 90% of it fail & the approach successful Brands take-Case Study Analysis
4. Which has the best ROI for a large business- Digital, Integrated or BTL?
5. Which has the best ROI for a Small Medium Business- Social or Integrated?
6. Content Marketing-A great jargon but ROI?
7. Why do some of the biggest Brands hardly spend money on marketing & what can we learn from them ?
8. Growth Hacking- A few case studies & analysis
9. Activation & Experiences not dead. Rather in an evolved form they are part of the future of Marketing.
10. Conclusion-Concluding points from the workshop with a case study based discussion

Schedule :
11:30-2 pm (with coffee/tea break)
2-3 lunch (we will take a break where attendees can grab their own lunch)
3-5 pm (with coffee/tea break)

For people who have studied or worked in marketing & Startup Teams/ Entrepreneurs.
Not for people who are satisfied with status quo

Profile of Trainer: Saurabh Parmar
Professional experience:
Founder of Brandlogist , prior to that digital head of Ogilvy Delhi and Branch Head for Drizzlin Media Delhi. Last venture was an e-commerce company cupidly.in, which was acquired.

Workshops : ISB Hyderabad (faculty),Government of Tibet in exile , Central government of India and the government of Assam

Visiting / Guest Faculty :Taken lectures in IIMC,XIC,Delhi School of Economics (Business course), 9.9 SOC .

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