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Dear Shuttler’s

After the successful completion of 5 editions of BPL and 6th Edition to be held in December end.
Smashtress is pleased to invite you and your club members to participate in the 7th Edition of BPL. The tournament will be held at Smashtress Sports Complex Indoor Arena in Sector 122 Noida near CNG Gas Station. The court has synthetic flooring and full led lights.


Mens: 18+, 30+, 40+ & 50+ (If we do not get enough entries in 50+ than we will make that category 45+)
Women's: 18+ (Singles & Doubles Both Minimum no. of entries should be more than 8 for any category to happen)
Mixed Double: Open to All.
Team Event: Mix Corporate & Pure Corporate.

Event Type: Singles, Doubles & Team Event (minimum number participants for Singles & Doubles is 8 if we do not get minimum 8 entries for any category we will cancel the category. Team event does not have any bar on a number of entries).

Tournament Date:- 26th-27th January 2019

Entry fees:-
Single:- Rs. 500/-
Doubles:- Rs. 900/-
Mixed Doubles: Rs. 900/-
Team Event: Rs. 4000/-

Last Date of Entry is 23rd January 2019.

Awards & Prizes:
1. Single’s Winner: Gift Hamper + Winner trophy+ cash prize (Rs. 2100/-) for all age group.
2. Double’s Winner: Gift Hamper + Winner trophy+ cash prize (Rs. 3100/-) for all age group.
3. Single’s Runner Up: Gift Hamper + Entry Fee Refund + Runner-Up Trophy.
4. Double’s Runner up: Gift Hamper + Entry Fee Refund + Runner-Up Trophy.
5. Team Event Winner: Team Trophy + Individual Trophy + Cash Prize
6. Team Event Winner: Team Trophy + Individual Trophy + Cash Prize.
**Note: Above cash prize depends on the minimum number of participants in each category i.e. 16.

Rules and regulation:-
1. Each match will be best of 3 set consisting of 15 points.
2. All matches will be on the knockout basis.
3. Umpire decision will be final.
4. Refreshment for participants.
5. Yonex Mavis 350 shuttle to be used.
6. All rules and regulation will be as per BAI.
7. Matches will start at 9:00 AM in the morning and it will last till 8:00 PM.
8. No Deuce only golden point will be there.

Team Events Rules & Regulation:
1. Minimum 3 players and maximum 5 players required.
2. Format is of best of 3 sets of 15 points of tie Singles-Doubles-Singles.
3. Tshirts for all participants.
4. All matches and tie of best of 3 set of 15 points.
5. Mix Corporate categories players should be above 21 years of age and should be working individual.
6. Pure corporate teams must have all the players from the same company and should have proper documents to prove their working credentials.

18+ means player above or 18 years of age and accordingly the other categories means.
50+ player can take part in any of the categories mentioned above.
40+ player can take part in 18+,30+ & 40+.
30+ player can take part in 18+ and 30+.

If anyone has any doubt can clarify before taking part in the competition.

Team Smashtress

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