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The Musical Dance Drama Production, 'The White Saree', is a realistic fiction. Here, the characters are found to be caught up in the ambiguity of striving to reflect their sexual dilemma and at the same time aiming to refract away from it, so to be morally and socially appropriate in their actions. They remotely claim their sexual urges through a liberal expression rather their lives are running parallel to their alter ego which channelizes their supremely erotic fantasies and portrays contrasting images of sexual motivations which are initiating to be satiated and were otherwise hidden.
The play lays primary emphasis on the prevalent sexual and gender oppression in the present scenario and how they actively repress them to lead suffocating lives.

The rhythm, social milieu, facial omissions, verbal exchange, and emotional discrepancies, all voice the essence of the play and its suppressing nature. Suffering has been internalised and gone phantom but the pain takes onto relief when energy of the characters is sustained through sexual gratification. Not everything nourishes its meaning through sexual expression but the repression and denial to even acknowledge the presence of it undermines the possibility of channelizing it appropriately. Likewise, the protagonist’s emotional connection with what might relieve her in the course of her struggle is too significant to ignore but it is inducing hindrance in her individual progression.

The characters are inescapably caught up in the maze because the supposed conduct of the society stands in antagonism to their inner motives. The characters seem to be waiting for a moment, a day in time for which they have to travel through spots of time to revive the once lived pleasure. The indication that our willingness to wait reveals the value we place on what we’re waiting for. The belief characters employ in waiting make them embrace the uncertainty, enjoy the beauty of becoming, and believing in the power of the unknown to happen.


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