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Haleem inspired rhymes!

From different corners of the village,
Flock folk with fistfuls of grains.
As they release them in to the earthen pot,
Nestling all night on low flame,
The aroma of something bigger,
Rises in the wintry air.
The warmth draws them closer,
As they encircle these seeds of life;
Offering prayers, poems of gratitude,
And spontaneously bursting
Into songs of praise.
They take turns at turning the porridge,
At stirring up raw emotion.
The night is spent in worship,
Celebrating Mother Earth.
At daybreak, Haleem is raised
To the lip of this parallel world.

Hungry for a pot of magic porridge? Inherit Sabika's household recipe along with the history of Haleem,
while all of us get our hands dirty, prepping the cauldron for slow-cooking under the bright moonlit sky.
Honoring the true spirit of ‘collective cooking', Sabika insists to keep it inclusive…
So, all you vegetarians out there are more than welcome to be a part of this pagan,
poetic evening as this pot of vegetarian Haleem promises to transform into a writing stimulus. Come, find out how!

DO NOT FORGET to bring a fistful of daliya from home! Oh! And your favourite chopping board and knife.

1. Everyone brings out their chopping boards and knives. We huddle around and warm up to each other as we chop, chop, chop away.
2. We inherit the history, weed out the myths and share stories. Haleemness precedes the Haleem!
3. As we wind up the prep stage and begin the cooking, we encourage spontaneous singing - songs our grandmothers/ mothers used to/ happen to sing while cooking.
4. Once the Haleem is simmering on low heat, we encircle the pot, and teaming up in twos, facilitated by Sabika, hand-craft some pagan poetry.
5. Those who wish to share are encouraged to offer their poetry to the pot!
6. We eat to our heart's content. In sumptuous silence.

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