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About the Event : With the arrival of February as Delhi steps into a more pleasant weather hence begins a perfect time of exploring the city the djinns loved so much that they could never bear to see it empty or deserted.

On 10th February, Sunday, let us walk around the ruins of the fifth city and be prepared to be mesmerized by the stories of mysticism, legend and history. It is a place where belief is stronger than logi as devotees write letters, stick coins on the walls of the mosque and offer sweets and milk to appease the unhappy spirits.

Built by Ferozeshah Tughluq in the year 1354, it consists of the ruins of a palace, a baoli, dungeon cells and the Asoka pillar, which stands tall as if a witness to the history that flowed through here like the Yamuna once did. For most the Kotla is just an address of a cricket stadium but remember it's also where an author fell so much in love with this city that it inspired him to write a book.

DAY, DATE & TIME: Sunday, 10th February, 3PM-5PM

MEETING POINT: Ferozshah Kotla Fort Ticket Counter just on Bahadur Shah Zafar Road, near the Times of India Office Building.(Google Maps reference:

CHARGES: Rs500/person 
It is a ticketed monument and ticket expense has to be borne by participant. 

Precautions: It is said that Djinns are attracted to long hair and perfumes. Though this subject is highly controversial and subject to one’s belief, we would request that if you believe the concept of Djinns, please keep long hair tied, wear full length cloths and refrain from using any type of perfume.

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