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The Vulnerable Men Project

Why – In the ancient times, the role of a men (masculine principal) was to hunt for food and protect their women and children from potential danger. The masculine principal by its very nature was meant to do the “hard” things and was always expected to be bold and “strong”, physically and emotionally. When men became “emotionally strong”, they stopped owning their softer side and instead built strong defence mechanisms to hide this side of them, lest the society called them effeminate. That marked the death of the vulnerable man.

With the consciousness evolving now and women becoming equal partners in the bread earning by expressing their inner masculine side of direction and purpose, we also need a set of men who are ready to embrace their feminine side of softness and flow, to bring about an evolution in the consciousness where there is a balance between our inner masculine and our feminine nature, regardless of our gender.

What – It’s time for us to hold space for this new age man. A man who not only excels at work but who also excels at heart to heart communication in relationships. A man who not only excels at crunching data but who is also not ashamed to cry. A man whose masculinity is not defined by gender specific roles and conditioning but by his deepest inner core of conviction and inner compass.

The Vulnerable Men is a circle of men where our men show up in their greatest version of being human. It’s a space where our men own up their feminine side of feelings and emotions in front of other men. Gone are the days when men only discussed, football, politics and finances with their male friends. This is a circle of men who discuss their deepest of feelings, desires, insecurities and longings. As men begin to engage and hold space for each other’s feminine side, they start feeling confident in expressing their feminine side and hence find peace within their own inner space which comes from the balance between the inner masculine and the inner feminine. This leads to an improvisation in all their personal relationships.

The foundation of this work is in Justin Baldoni’s initiative called “Man Enough”. See these links to understand more about this - 


How –

  1. Understanding the masculine and feminine
  2. Exploring my inner feminine and inner masculine dynamics.
  3. The narratives of masculinity I have grown up with
  4. What does it mean for me to be in a male body?
  5. How do I define myself as a man?
  6. What’s my relationship with masculinity?
  7. My journey of being a man in this world.

The session will be a mix of theory (10%), self exploration (40%) and sharing (50%).

Note – This session is strictly for men. Come with an open heart to listen to yourself and to listen to other men. Come to set yourself free of the conditioning and to write your own story of manhood. Bring along a notebook and pen to take notes.

Leave your name in the leads section if you wish to be contacted, in case you have any questions. 

If this calls out to you already, book your tickets. See you there!

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