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Words and Visuals

Summer activities for children on creative writing, book reading and movie appreciation
Target: Children 10-13 years
Duration: 15 hours
What the programme is about: Children are curious by nature with boundless imagination and creativity. But often, the rigour of academics fails to nurture this. But thankfully, the holidays are here, and this is a good time to spur one’s imagination, creative expression and critical thinking.
Words and Visuals is an exploratory programme that encourages children to think freely and express creatively and helps develop useful analytical skills through fun activities.
We don’t want to call it a workshop, because we know children don’t want to work during the holidays, and we promise they won’t have to! We are not here to teach. We will facilitate self-exploration and expression through hands-on exercises, movie screenings, book club sessions and invigorating discussions.
Write Well: This is the creative writing component of the programme that will focus on sharpening creative thinking and expression through the powerful medium of words using word games, puzzles, lateral thinking exercises and audio-visual aids.
Book Club: This will help children discover the joy of reading and nurture a love for it, one page at a time. Interactive read-aloud sessions, critical thinking exercises, book reviews and role-plays promise to make reading a stimulating and enjoyable activity.
Movie Club: Children learn to appreciate movies with a keen eye and become movie critics through group discussions and ‘what would you do if...’ kind of exercises that encourage children to think of alternative endings and storylines.
Let’s keep the spark alive and glowing, shall we?
Words and Visuals is an initiative of Word to Word Consulting, a content studio based in Bengaluru and Chennai.
The summer activities will be conducted by former journalists and feature writers who have worked with newspapers such as Business Line and Business Standard. They are currently freelance writers and editors, writing and editing for various publications, both online and offline. They also offer language training for students and working professionals.

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