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We have been hearing about soul since childhood, but very few experience soul and the 'soul' remains a mystery.

Many people of  50+ age are victims of mental stress and depression. I believe that if they had self-realization, this could have been avoided. This is because the soul is complete in itself, it is indestructible, immortal and joyful. When we establish in our Self(Soul) realization, these qualities become ours. In this state, there is nothing to worry and fear.

The realization of the soul is not as difficult as it is assumed to be. Only if our efforts are in the right direction, this realization is not far off. 

In this workshop, we will take a glimpse of who we really are? This will be done through arguments, examples, questioning, introspection, and discussion. If your curiosity is intense and has the spirit of learning, it is very likely that you will have the enlightening soul realization, which has been your craving for many lives.

These topics will be taken up in this workshop -

* Why religion and spirituality?
* What are the main Indian scriptures and the message in them?
* What are the various path to realizing the eternal truth?
* What is the path of knowledge( gyanmarg) ?
* Teachings about the path of knowledge in Gita?
* Differentiating between jad(material) - Chetan(consciousness) to realize the ultimate knower in us!
* Getting to the depth of the question ' Who am I? ' by the process of rejecting what I am not!
* What is Maya?
* Understand how this world is illusory!
* Modern science findings of the truth of this material world?
* If the world is an illusion, then what is the reality?
* Realizing the declarations of the Vedas, such as ahambramsmi !
* How to live a practical life after self (soul) realization?
* How self-realization (enlightenment) eliminates negative emotions such as fear, anger, jealousy, anxiety, discomfort, irritability, depression etc.and brings happiness, peace and good health in our lives?

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