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Integrative Shiatsu: Individual Healing Sessions

Shiatsu is a Japanese bodywork based on ideas in traditional Chinese medicine.

It is a specific form of healing touch therapy that brings change and healing by releasing stuck energy and restoring natural flow. It includes awareness of body posture, breathing, and passive exercise.

The shiatsu session begins with some time for sharing any relevant issues, whether physical or emotional allowing the treatment to be tailored to your needs. It is followed by palm work, elbows and feet work, assisted stretching, joint manipulation, and mobilization, etc.

Beyond the technicalities of stretches, meridians and acupuncture points, the practitioner establishes a deep empathetic connection.

With instinctive reflection, your body and mind will communicate and receive what is needed to attain balance and ease.

Shiatsu is extremely useful in enhancing health and vitality.

It can be done as stress management or preventative health care program as well.

Shiatsu is also excellent if you are feeling unwell but are suffering from no known medical condition.

Date & Time: 15 – 30 June 2019 (10:00 AM onwards)

Duration: Sessions of 60-120 minutes each

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