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Are you tired of going from one astrologer to another and doing all the remedies but nothing worked, then this workshop is for you.. 

Unlock the secret remedies of Lord Krishna that will make your life take U-turn for the best... Like he did for his friend Sudama. 

But the secret lies in the method of invocation to Lord Krishna in a proper way. 

In this workshop, you will learn ways 
1. to get finances improved 
2. to get a perfect life partner 
3. to get the business boom 
4. to get growth in career 
5. to get your child focus on studies 
6. to get rid of the evil eye 
and lots more... 

You will learn 
* secrets of special offerings for special wish of yours
*Invoking Krishna with right candles, right colors and right words and mantras
*making wish chit
* remedies with peacock feather
*making the lucky charm and more... 


Breakfast and evening tea, snacks and lunch included. 

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