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String art is a minimalist art form using the humble nails and threads to create visual art pieces that will liven up any wall they adorn.... these can range from simple nursery silhouettes to complex geometric patterns.

Kanwal has been practicing this art form for over 3 years now and while the medium can be extended to any silhouette, she is drawn towards pop culture and characters ... but also mandalas and meditative art

For Old Times' Sake is an endeavor of bringing the simple pleasures back and making them a part of our lives. Nucleus of the concept being Self, we promote investing time in doing things that tend to take a back-seat in our everyday lives. At a nominal cover charge, we provide a hand-picked collection of books, comics, board- games and supplies to tickle your arty side.

We believe that reliving the old-school hobbies and connecting with like-minded people with shared passions enables us to lead a happier life :).

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