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Remember those pirate games we played back when we were kids, making up stories of real treasures being hidden in some mysterious part of the world? Those treasures faded in history, but their hunts never went into the oblivion. Instead, they were transformed into modern day events.

Hunt IT brings to you an opportunity to act on those desires, find your escape from the monotonous routine to an exhilarating treasure hunt. Packed with a cauldron of hypercompetitive scenarios, unforeseen challenges and mind-bending clues, Hunt IT gives you an opportunity to become a Viking king, and find the treasure your heart desires.


King Ragnar Lothbrok, the famous Viking is dead, killed by King Aella of England. His sons have assembled a large heathen army to exact vengeance from King Aella. Norse warriors from Denmark, Norway and Sweden coalesce to serve the cause. Knowing the route to England brings with it unexpected mysteries and jeopardous events, are you ready to venture? Set sail as fast as you can, survive the storms, navigate through the risk, and lead your heathen army to England before the waves wash you into the sea. Impress the Gods, earn your place in Valhalla and take home the treasure. 

Note- The clues won't be based on the theme to give everyone a fair chance

Anyone can participate alone or with a team of 2-5 members.

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