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LetsPlay is a group of training centers aiming to create international champions through world-class training. A first of its kind initiative, AN ALL INDIA SCHOLARSHIP TRIALS for annual scholarship at our center. 


"Time to bring your A-game on"

Date- Sunday, 8th September 2019
Venue- LetsPlay Table Tennis Academy powered by Stag, Gallant Sports Arena, Ambience Public School, Sec-43, Gurgaon


  • Kids will be divided into 2 age groups- 5-13 years & 14-17 years.
  • Scoring will be done on the basis of factors such as different types of Counters, Topspins, Push/Chops, Serves and Returns. 


Top 2 Students- 100% Annual Scholarship
Next 5 Students- 50% Annual Scholarship
Next 10 Students- 25% Annual Scholarship
Other Participants- 10% Annual Scholarship

LetsPlay Table Tennis Centre Powered by Stag- 

If you want to play, we are always there to make sure that you play the way you want to. Be it any sport at any time and anywhere. Just say LetsPlay. 

It is commonly agreed upon that our minds need to grow. We train constantly at school, college and work to make sure our minds are functioning to the best possible extent and contributing to the society in the best way they can. In this obsession with the mind, we tend to forget that our bodies deserve equal attention, if not more.

We have one life, let's make the most out of it.

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