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6 a side tournament(3 subs)

match duration:40 minutes

ground type: hard ground

knockout matches

What will be included in the Tournament?

Ans. Only refreshments and water will be provided, all arrangements are done by us except jersey that you need to bring your own.

Schedule of the tournament:

Matches would be starting at 9:30 am onwards.

All matches are done in knock out the format and will not change for any individual.

The tournament will be going on for 2 days.

What should participants expect?

Each and every team is requested to maintain decorum.

Participants should expect unbiased decisions from the referee and best experience from our tournament

Prize money will be distributed on the same day.

Rules and Regulations:

everyone needs to maintain discipline

anyone has seen abusing or creating chaos, then, his/her team would be disqualified

no  jersey would be provided 

no refund would be initiated once registered

refreshments would be provided

 referee's  decision would be final

any team later than 15 of given time would not be tolerated and straight disqualified and no refund for entry fees

any fights or physical riots could lead to legal proceedings and he/she may end in imprisonment.

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